We pay cash for your mortgage or other real estate contract!
We pay cash for your mortgage or other real estate contract!
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Sell Your Contracts!
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Many features of our company distinguish us from our competitors. Our primary concern is to keep the process simple and uncomplicated. When we make a deal, we want it to happen as quickly as possible. And we want our customers to be happy so they will keep coming back to us.

Cash for Contracts, Inc., is an investment company and not a brokerage operation. We seek to buy real estate contracts from people who need cash in order to solve a problem or to realize an opportunity. Many brokers pose as investors and there certainly is nothing wrong with being a "paper broker" as long as that is disclosed. But brokers who try to impersonate investors should be avoided.

We have no committees. When you are talking with Terry Preuit, who is our company's president, you are talking with the decision maker. Please note that we buy contracts only on properties in New Mexico, but we can refer you to other investors if your receivable is secured by real estate in other states.

You won't get a run-around here. We don't play the game of starting high and then cutting your price just before closing. Terry makes quotes that he can live with (unless, of course, there is a real problem that wasn't known at the time of the quote).

We are fast. Of course, everyone claims to be quicker than the competition, but in our case this is not simply "hype". How can we close quickly? We are not shopping for an investor to whom you can sell your contract. We are the investor. Terry often closes without getting a new appraisal, and this saves both time and money. Some cases can be closed even without a new title insurance company committment, and that also speeds the process.

Finally, you will always have choices at Cash for Contracts, Inc. You won't get only a standard, "outright" quote. There are several types of transactions available, and you may choose which type best suits your needs.

We want you to be happy.